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Discomfort through the lens of curiosity brings learning. Discover how to expand your life experiences...


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Anna Switzer, PhD: Educator, Scientist, Adventurer and Artist


Anna Switzer, PhD is a long-time outdoor educator, science educator, and educator of educators. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics, a masters in Oceanography, and a PhD in Education. Anna has worked for several prominent organizations including National Geographic Society, Outward Bound and EL Education.

Through her dissertation research, Anna gained expertise in a decision-making process that is wonderful for individuals and/or groups to gain clarity on the options in front of them. It includes a visual component which makes it uniquely powerful for all kinds of decisions. She is also an expert in helping others make meaningful contact and connection to the natural world.

License to Learn: Elevating Discomfort in Service of Lifelong Learning (Atmosphere Press, 2021) is her first book. An audiobook version is available (2023). She is currently working on a second book entitled Decide to Decide (subtitle to be revealed upon publication).

The outdoors is where Anna derives her most consistent inspiration. She has spent thousands of hours exploring diverse landscapes and waterways; including incalculable time with students of all ages. She has co-led excursions in the following areas, among others:

  • Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina (backpacking)

  • The Everglades, Florida (canoeing and kayaking)

  • St Croix River, between Maine and New Brunswick (white water canoeing)

  • The entire United States (by bicycle)


Anna’s mission relates to helping heal the human spirit and the natural world through facilitation of mutually positive experiences between the two, in addition to the creation and utilization of tools for reflection which invite new behavior.

Inspired by this quote, Anna maintains an attitude of lifelong learning:

“There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives we will be unwilling to settle for less.”

- Kurt Hahn,
the Founder of Outward Bound

Anna's Inspiring Book!

License to Learn aims to improve your ability to learn from your own life experience...

...the genre-breaking format will lure you in with true tales of all kinds to use as examples. With this map as your guide, you can change your relationship to discomfort. And you can become your own best teacher.

Also available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Nobles and Audiobook.


Here what others have to say about Anna...

“I have worked with Anna in multiple contexts: as a co-planner and co-facilitator of adult professional learning and as a colleague in taking on special projects. Anna is meticulous in planning and details, she is a strong writer, and she considers multiple perspectives. She is thoughtful in working with others - unafraid to address conflict and misunderstandings straight on, and eager to hear feedback to make her practice and the work better. She follows through on projects, meeting deadlines and tracking details in complex, multifaceted work. I would highly recommend working with Anna.”

Aurora Kushner

Aurora Kushner

Director Of Impact and Continuous Improvement,
NYC Outward Bound Schools

“Anna is one of those Rare humans - she is one of the Wise Ones. Her Connecting with Nature course was crafted in such a way that I was able to choose my own “track”, after some initial coursework. In this way, my experience was both deeply personal and highly beneficial in illuminating my path as an educator. Her guidance along this journey was thoughtful and she gracefully encouraged me to think both big picture And focus on the moment! ”

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Kathryn O.

A teacher who completed course about
nature connection for teachers and students.